Mar. 4, 2013: #450UA starts to fill the void

The debut of #450UA on Kontakt TV
- and on the web!

#450UA ... pronounced HASHTAG - FOUR - FIFTY - U - A ... is an online round-table discussion focusing on politics in Ukraine.  Episode №0001, "EU-Ukraine Summit" (from 20130304 & produced by @UANews4ENMedia) features host Andy Holowaty with his guests Taras Kuzio and Walter Derzko, as they discuss the recent 16th European Union-Ukraine Summit in Brussels which took place on February 25, 2013.  This video is the full version of the first episode, which was previewed during Kontakt Ukrainian Television's March 9th episode.

Today, #450UA starts to help fill the void in the English-language media with respect to news about Ukraine.  Whether Ukraine finds itself in a political and social crisis, like it is today under the Yanukovych regime, or whether the great stories from Ukraine simply have trouble finding airtime, column space or search engine hits, #450UA will hope to provide information and insight into the complex and dynamic political situation in Ukraine.

Host Andy Holowaty (aka Andrij Holovatyj, aka Aндрій Головатий) will feature lively discussion and debates about politics in Ukraine, with the focus being on the presidency and the parliament.  Ukraine's Verkhovna Rada has been saddled with problems that are hitting extreme levels and not allowing the 450 seats in parliament to be taken up by those who wish to follow rules, regulations and - above all - the constitution in order to pass the laws needed by an emerging democracy on the road to European integration.

If you are visiting this page after watching the preview for #450UA on Kontakt TV - WELCOME!

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  1. Hey! Great to see you. I'd say a great start! And much needed... First impression - you are great in video format, Andy :)) Second, like the creative studio, but you need more space behind, "more air". Third, the name #450ua is much associated with Ukrainian Rada... It need more explanations why only parliamentarism... May be it has a good explanation. But I like it is Twiter hash tag, very modern approach.

    1. Thanks, Stan - It took so long for me to reply to reply because Google's mobile blogging platform has a long way to go before it can do what the desktop version does :) I am finally at my laptop and now able to properly reply ...

      The #450UA broadcast/webcast is still in the development phase, so your comments are appreciated - especially at this time. As for the studio, it belongs to Kontakt and I don't have any say as to how it looks. Personally, I would like to have my own production studio with more of a TWiT-like appearance or that of a production environment rather than an artistic backdrop. Don't get me wrong - I like art, but not so much as it is for a roundtable discussion backdrop. As for the name #450UA, I fully explain the concept and goal of the project, including the name, in episode #3 - check it out. Check out the other episodes - there are a total of 5 now.

      And by the way, get ready - you are invited to join me soon!

  2. Потім, чому #450ua not #450en ?

    1. I am focusing on UA only right now to bring better attention to the geopolitical location which serves as the basis for our roundtable discussions - Ukraine (UA). In time I may reintroduce EN to differentiate between the linguistic aspects of future discussions but for now I want to focus on one abbreviation - UA - the one that has more immediate impact.