Mar. 30, 2013: Grassroots Ukraine

Today,  #450UA  on


featured host ANDRIJ  HOLOVATYJ

and his guest PAVLO  VEZDENETSKY,

a political & social activist

in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Welcome to #450UA ... pronounced HASHTAG - FOUR - FIFTY - U - A ... a unique approach to broadcasting - available as a special segment on KONTAKT Ukrainian Television and a new online media project - right here at 450ua.blogspot.ca ... for an overview of this project, watch the backgrounder segment on Kontakt TV by clicking here ... also, please read the backgrounder transcript here.

This week, PAVLO VEZDENETSKY and I talk about grassroots activism in Ukraine, especially the work of SPLINA SPRAVA (COMMON CAUSE), an activist organization of which Pavlo is a member.

Also - watch Steven Sackur's interview with Vitaly Klitschko on BBC's HARDtalk.

Na vse dobre = All the best,
Andrij Holovatyj
(aka Andy Holowaty)

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