May 11, 2013: Anti-corruption Action Center

Today,  #450UA  on
featured host ANDRIJ HOLOVATYJ
and his guest DARIA KALENIUK from AntAC,
the Anti-Corruption Action Center
in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Welcome to #450UA ... THIS WEEK, I talked to DARIA KALENIUK from the Anti-Corruption Action Center in Kyiv, Ukraine.  AntAC is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ukraine that brings together experts from the legal, media and political sectors, who have set a goal to reduce the level of political corruption in Ukraine.  AntAC believes that a key obstacle to Ukraine's development is political corruption, which has all but taken over most government processes.  Political corruption has a paralyzing effect on the work of law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities, turning them into instruments by which public officials can gain through personal enrichment.

AntAC has found that one of the key factors for the growth of corruption in Ukraine is the lack of consequences faced by people responsible for committing corruption.  Among AntAC's goals are not only to expose cases of outright corruption and to have these instances reversed, but also to bring to justice all that are involved in cases of corruption: private individuals and public officials who organize such schemes, as well as law enforcement officers and members of the judiciary that cover up corruption.

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